I started ‘Create with Cardboard’ for two reasons. Firstly, because my creative little rascals dearly love making creatures and worlds out of spare cardboard boxes around the home. My heart felt like it would burst each time I saw them enter into this creative state where they immersed themselves in a cardboard wonderland. It was very serious business for a toddler. Secondly, because as a parent I was witnessing first hand the over supply of unused and unloved toys that were to be discarded. There are some toys that children hold close to their hearts for a long duration of time, but not many. So, I wanted to create something that encouraged a creative flare and sparked imagination that little people could easily access whilst being environmentally conscious. Additionally, the kits became a chance for carers to connect with their child and embrace, even for a short time, raw imagination and play.


First and foremost, I play Mumma Bear to two wild and adventurous little ones, who were the actual inspiration behind this project. My whole life has been dedicated to education and creativity. I have a background in school education, both mainstream and alternative education. I hold a Master of Teaching and Bachelor of Visual Art. I have almost 20 years experience in numerous and varied roles within education and community sectors inclusive of literacy development centres in remote communities, teaching in both Primary and Secondary schools and consultancy roles for NGOs. One thing that has remained a constant on my journey so far is a love for art making and being creative and watching others engage with this process. 


When I’m not chasing my crazy and very busy toddlers, I like to remind myself of the Artist and creator that resides within. I love to admire Art and my natural surroundings and when I find a small pocket of time, I love to create, drawing inspiration from my natural environment. Having been lucky enough to grow up in a small coastal town I spent much time swimming in the ocean and indulging in adventures in the rich bushland that surrounded my home. Reflecting on this past as a Mother and watching my children grow got me thinking that we need to work harder to preserve what we have and attempt to coincide with our environment in a more harmonious manner as best we can. Embracing this notion with our little ones is key to obtaining a more sustainable life in the future.


With that thought in mind, ‘Create with Cardboard’ was born! A conscious way to play, rich with imagination. I wanted to share the gift of connecting with your children through a ‘making and creating process’. I wanted to inspire little people to let their imagination take them on a journey, for them to create their own world with their own little hands. And I wanted parents/carers and little ones to be conscious of taking and giving back to the earth. All the products shared through ‘Create with Cardboard’ are non-harmful, made from recycled materials, and safe to compost, add to your worm farm or recycle. The notion of sustainability and environmental awareness can begin now with our little people, for ours and their future.


We are proudly Australian owned and manufactured within Australian shores. We have linked with accompanying Australian businesses that share our vision and authenticity to produce creative kits and products that inspire imagination and play through a conscious connection to both the environment and between little ones and their carers.










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I acknowledge the enduring sovereignty of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, South Sea Islander lands, seas, knowledge, kinship systems, languages and community wisdom. I acknowledge the First Peoples of the Kombumerri Clan, one of ten distinct clans of the Yugambeh People on whose unceded land I work, live and love. I also acknowledge the diverse unceded Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land rights across Australia on which we work. I pay my respect and honour the Elders past, present and emerging. This is, was, and always will be Aboriginal land.

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