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Recycling and reusing is key to creating a more sustainable environment and future for our families. In our homes and workplaces within Australia, we use approximately 2.4 tonnes of paper each year. That's over 31 million trees whose pulp could be used for recycling up to seven times!!! Additionally, the recycling of paper products lowers greenhouse gas produced in our rubbish tips by one kilogram, so we are improving CO2. As well as improving the air we all breathe, by recycling one tonne of only newspapers, we save on about three cubic metres of landfill space.


The recycling of cardboard is an easy way to improve the quality of our environment. Rather than depositing cardboard into landfill which creates methane, a major greenhouse gas with the global warming capacity 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, recycle it! Making cardboard from recycled material, rather than brand new fibre, saves not only trees, but also large volumes of water (up to 99% less) and energy (up to 50% less). One tonne of recycled cardboard saves approximately 175 litres of oil and up to 250 cubic feet of landfill space (VISY).


When you dispose of your packaging from this kit, consider the best option for you and our planet. You can recycle all elements of packaging in your council-supplied recycling bin. If you have a compost bin or worm farm, you can consider disposing of your painted and decorated elements here. Let's consciously work and play together to create a more sustainable and environmentally aware community, that starts in our own home.

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